Why choosing JSP Creative



Shooting a music video can involve lots of parameters. Let Us manage the shoot for you.
From the concept to the delivery, we will guarantee an excellent work ethic and professionalism.

Work ethic

JSP CREATIVE is a small business. As reputation counts, we always make sure to give an outstanding service to our clients.

Your dead line is a priority

Music artists need to show their presence online. And in an era where reactivity matters, sticking with dead lines is crucial.

Fast communication

Working with us means that you will be interacting with one project manager only. We know our clients. Talk to us!

Common asked questions

How about the location?

Location can be either picked by us, at an extra cost. The client is also free to chose the location for any video shoot, or photo shoot.

How about the people?

We can provide people: dancers, women, actors, at an extra cost. Artists are free to bring their own people, actors.

Do we provide props?

JSP CREATIVE can provide props, at an extra cost. For any type of props, time frame for availability might vary. Artists are free to bring their own props to be used during music video shoots, or photo shoots.

We are more than one artist, can we share the costs?

Absolutely! We actually highly encourage music artists to be organised and work in group. It reduces drastically the cost for each. We charge our services according to the complexity of the project, and the time used to finalise it.

How long does it take to get a music video done?

Depending of the number of shots, the delivery time frame can vary. Also, if motion graphic and effects are needed, the video can take more time to get completed.

Either way, we make sure to get the project done within the week or the fortnight.

Where can I get a photoshoot done?

For every photoshoot, we recommend using different types of locations, following the needs of the artist.

Studio rental is subject to an extra cost.

How are payments made?

According to your project, we send you a quote. Once agreed, 50% of the fee has to be paid upfront.


Please get in touch with Us if you need advice for your next project.

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