Eminem – Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas


Effects used for the music video:

  • Colour grading (green/yellow)
  • Motion graphics using Adobe After Effects
  • Speed ramping
  • Drone shots

Eminem is back with a brand new album “Kamikaze”, released on the 31st of August 2018.

For his track “Lucky You”, Eminem has chosen to collaborate with the famous and talented rapper Joyner Lucas. Joyner Lucas has been getting a reputation of talented MC with elaborated bars and an energic style.

Lucky You has an efficient and beautiful music video, with lots of clean shots, and some entertaining moments. Eminem has been a top US rapper for years. It’s good to see Eminem back to business to a killer track.

New album Kamikaze out now, and it is going to be for sure a best seller.

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